Aluminum Wooden Window

Aluminum Wooden Window

aluminum wooden window aluminum door and window
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Product Details

Product Details

aluminum wooden window aluminum door and window


sound insulation, heat insulation, and protection from insects, dustproof, wind, guard against theft

Good thermal insulation heat preservation:

The heat insulation section internal and external frame soft combination, border use a strip, double top three seal form, shuts rigor, airtight, watertight performance is very high, heat preservation performance.

Waterproof function: 

Use of pressure balance principle design have structure drainage system, glide design incline bench, a port, drainage unblocked, water tightness good.

Condensation prevention, frost:

The heat insulation aluminum doors and Windows can realize three sealing structure, reasonable separation moisture cavity, the successful implementation gas water pressure balance, significantly improve the doors and Windows of the water tightness and pressure tightness, achieve window net bright effect.

The deadening sound insulation:

Their structures were identified by elaborate design, joint is strict, the test results: air acoustic quantity achieved sound insulation 30-40 db, can guarantee on the highway 50 meters on both sides of the inhabitants are not affected by noise interference, adjacent to the city also can assure indoor quiet warmth.

Fire prevention function:

Heat insulation for the aluminum metal material, no combustion.

Prevent wind and sand, resistance to wind:

Inside casing straight material using hollow design, resisting wind pressure deformation ability, shock resistant effect is good.

High strength, no modifications, free maintenance:The heat insulation aluminum tensile and shear strength and thermal deformation ability to resist high strength, strong and durable, not easy by acid and alkali erosion, is not easy to become yellow fade, almost don't have to maintenance.
A variety of color, have adornment extremely:Can achieve doors and Windows of indoor and outdoor surface different color, satisfied customer to color effect preference, the color field space aesthetic demand, conform to the architect's personalized design requirements.
Green building materials, circular economy:

Insulating the aluminum in the production and use process will not produce harmful substances, all materials are recyclable recycle, the green building materials and environmental protection product, to conform to the human sustainable development.

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