Balcony Sliding Glass Door

Balcony Sliding Glass Door

balcony sliding glass door laminated glass door glass door partition
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Product Details

Product Details

balcony sliding glass door laminated glass door glass door partition

Latest system:

frameless in vertical and each glass panel can open individually for easy cleaning, more fresh air and sunlight, and close with transparent clear view.

Compensation profile:

compensation profile at the top can adjust the gap between the window and ceiling to make system horizontal.

Adjustment screws: 

two kinds of adjustment screws, one to raise the compensation profile, another for lower the compensation profile.

Rollers type:

big ball bearing wheels can support the weight more than 100KGS for each glass panel and make glass panels slide smoothly

Rollers never jump:

with top support plastic part, glass panels can move smoothly even when go through the opening hole and the rollers never jump.

Roller axles:

use SS304 for the whole axles of roller to support big glass panels.

Panels never fall out of track:

special support hinge in top track can avoid the glass panels fall out of track when open.

Panel size:The max width is 900mm and the max height is 3000mm for each glass panel.
Panel numbers:can stack 9 glass panels on one side with one opening hole.
Protection cap:

use nylon plastic protection cap on glass profiles to avoid danger and the shape of stair-step can achieve better sealing for system.

Better sealing:

no gap between track profiles and glass profiles with special components.


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