Bulletproof Glass Door And Window System

Bulletproof Glass Door And Window System

Popular system:Finzone09 is used for most kinds of balcony shape, specially for flat balcony.
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Product Details

bulletproof glass door and window system

aluminum window (4)

Product Details


Popular system:

Finzone09 is used for most kinds of balcony shape, specially for flat balcony.

Stronger profiles:

The upper track is 3mm thickness and importance of the point is 5mm thick; the width of glass profile is 29mm and the height is 41mm, the importance of the point is 2.5mm thick.


Use 8mm tempered glass and 5+4 laminated glass.

Big panels:

The max width for glass panel is 650mm and the height is 2300mm.

Protection cap:

Apply nylon protection cap on glass profiles to avoid hurting. The protection is laddy-like and the sealing is better for glass panels.

Better Rollers:

Use big bearing wheels and slide smoothly. The width of one bearing wheel is 36mm and the height is 11mm. 

Best sealing:

There is no gap between track profiles and glass profiles. There is no gap between the first and last glass panels with side profiles.

Hinge axles:Use SS304 for hinge axles so that can stand big weight and avoid the glass panels falling down.
No rivets:Apply specially glue to connect glass and glass profile, there is no any rivets and holes in glass profile.
Connection hardware:

Use SS304 to connect the track profiles to ensure the stablity of connection.

Profile material:

Used Aluminum alloy 6063T5 material for profiles, the surfaces are treated with static electroplating spray.   



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