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Best Rollers: Use bearing wheels and slide smoothly
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System features for Finzone30 balcony glazing

Latest system: Finzone30 balcony glazing used for most kinds of balcony shape, special for terrace glazing.

Compensation profile: Finzone30 balcony glazing has a compensation profile for upper profile that can adjust the gap between the window and ceiling.

Adjustment screws: Finzone30 balcony glazing has two kinds adjustment screws, one for lift the compensation profile, another for down the compensation profile.

Rollers: Finzone30 balcony glazing used big ball bearing wheels so that panels slide smoothly.

Rollers never jump: Finzone30 balcony glazing uses upper support plastic part so that glass panels can move smoothly even it moves through the opening hole and the rollers don’t jump.

Panels never fall down: Finzone30 balcony glazing uses upper track support hinge to avoid the glass panels falling down when they open.

Panel size: The max width of Finzone30 balcony glazing is 900mm and the max height is 3000mm for each glass panel.

Panel numbers: Finzone30 balcony glazing can stack 9 glass panels at one side without second opening hole.

Hinge axles: Finzone30 balcony glazing used SS304 for the whole hinge axles so that can stand big glass panels.

Protection cap: Finzone30 balcony glazing applies nylon protection cap on glass profiles to avoid hurting. The protection is ladder-like and the sealing is much better.

Better sealing: There is no gap between track profiles and glass profiles. Finzone30 balcony glazing has no gap between the first and last glass panels with side profiles.

Connection hardware: Finzone30 balcony glazing used two parts of Zinc that easy to connect two track profiles with any angles.


Structure drawing for Finzone30 balcony glazing


outdoor using frameless balcony glazing as glass curtain folding doors to India



Mechanical properties for Finzone30 balcony glazing

The guide profiles are made in compliance with 6063T5 as special profiles

Tensile strength of the frame from the guide profile: 860 kg

Guide profile deflection 80 kg / 3.8 m:

Perpendicular: 3.5 cm

Horizontal: 7.5 cm

No permanent changes in shape

Each glass element is supported by four 8 mm hinge axles, featuring a total of 10 horizontal wheels

Durability of Nylon bearing wheel in random profile loading: undamaged over 600 kg Gearing heat resistance (POM): approx +90 Degree C

Frost resistance: over -30 Degree C

All metal parts are non-corrodible: only aluminum and stainless steel

Installation on concrete and brick surface is by 8 mm stainless steel bolts and brass anchor 

 outdoor using frameless balcony glazing as glass curtain folding doors to India


Sound insulation for Finzone30 balcony glazing

For 100 Hz Reduction 6.7 dB

For 2400 Hz Reduction 13.5 dB

Measured according to international standards ISO 140-5 & ISO 717-1 


Wind pressure for Finzone30 balcony glazing

Finzone30 balcony glazing can support the wind speed according to the panel height and glass thickness

wind speedBeaufort scale descriptionEquivalent pressure Maxiumum height for 10mm glass curtain
121km/h        Hurricane    700Pa   1.85m
112km/h     Violent storm    600Pa   2m
102km/h         Storm    500Pa   2.2m
79km/h     Severe gale    300Pa   2.5m


Function for Finzone30 balcony glazing's shapes



Color choice for Finzone30 balcony glazing

outdoor using frameless balcony glazing as glass curtain folding doors to India

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