Aluminum Interior Door

- Jan 31, 2019-

Aluminum Interior Door

Aluminium interior door door is widely used now. It is beautiful. The sun room is good for rest and enjoy the sunshine. 

Name: Aluminium interior door

1. Appearance: 

The anode ‚™ôectrochemical surface of aluminium alloy processing, can present the lead, copper, gold liver white wait for color, can be arbitrarily choose, smooth shine through oxidation. Big, can set framework for a large glass, make indoor light enough bright, enhance the contrast between indoor unionizing the facade, let a bedroom more rich layers. 

2 wind resistance, high strength, good performance of watertight: 

The window of model steel door, its strength and rigidity of wind and lower than watertight properties of low two levels of window of aluminium alloy door. Besides air tightness, aluminum alloy doors and Windows of wind and water tightness performance than the window of model steel door, and because of the lining of window of model steel profile steel in the inner chamber of corner connection window, doors framework, and t-shaped node of the four horns plastic welding low intensity. 

3 good seal performance: 

Aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, easy itself cross-sectional size precision, high precision machining. Can choose the waterproof, elastic, durability are good sealing materials, such as rubber layering and silicone sealant series. In the aspect of seal, shaped groove, have fixed with section in extrusion process, to fulfil the installation sealing material created favorable conditions. 

4. Light, high strength: 

Aluminum alloy thin-walled combinations are hollow section, convenient use, weight loss, and the cross-section bending strength, high into the door, durable deformation.