Balcony Glass Curtain Window

- Feb 22, 2019-

Balcony Glass Curtain Window

Product Description

Model NO.: Finzone

There are no frames between glass panels and each glass panel can freely slide to the left or right to open for ventilation or cleaning purpose with Finzone balcony glazing system. Total or partial balcony enclosure or opening is achieved. The characteristics of Finzone makes the cleaning of the windows to be very easy, you can clean the reverse and facade with every glass panel.

The balcony installed with Finzone looks like a transparent package balcony, which not only doesn't damage the appearance and style of the building, but also contributes a lot to the integral beauty of the balcony.

System features for Finzone balcony glazing system

1. Stronger profiles: The upper track is 3mm thickness and importance of the point is 5mm thick.

The width of glass profile is 29mm and the height is 41mm, the importance of the point is 2.5mm thick.

2. Best Rollers: Use big bearing wheels and slide smoothy. The width of one bearing wheel is 36mm and the height is 11mm.

3. Hinge axles: Use SS304 for hinge axles so that can stand big weihgt, advoid the glass panels falling down.

4. Protection cap: Apply nylon protection cap on glass profiles to avoid hurting. The protection is laddy-like and the sealing is better for glass panels.

5. Best sealing: There is no gap between track profiles and glass profiles. There is no gap between the first and last glass panels with side pforiles.

6. Easy adjustment: F70300 is a spring roller, using the spring round of movements can control the gap between the glass panel; F70400 is an eccentric, using the eccentric structural to adjust the dislocation of before and after between the glass panel.

7. Glass: Use 8mm or 4+0.38+4 laminated glass.

8. Connection hardware: Use SS304 to connect the track profiles to ensure the stablity of connection.

9. No rivets: Apply specially glue to connect glass and glass profile, there is no any rivets and holes in glass profile.

Wind pressure

The Finzone system can support the wind speed according to the panel height and glass thickness