Color aluminium window main use material commonly includes 3 respects

- May 10, 2018-

Colour aluminium window material generally includes three aspects mainly: aluminium, glass, hardware, the owner when the choose and buy the product, tend to be more pay attention to the thickness of aluminum and glass, and the demand for hardware is not very high, it is not comprehensive. In fact, the country has a certain standard for the requirement of colored aluminium window. Aluminum used in the quality of aluminium window, its thickness, intensity and oxidation film generally can meet the national standards, such as the relevant provisions of the state requirement: the color of aluminium window aluminum wall thickness should be not less than 1.2 mm above, oxidation film ply should achieve 10 micron. And is better than common glass, toughened glass if safety and durability performance considerations for doors and Windows, stainless steel hardware fittings such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are superior to the aluminum parts and pulley best choice using POM material products, because these products have higher strength and wear resistance, smooth, in use process is not easy to bad.

Colour aluminium window performance due to the use of the scope of the different and have different emphases, but usually want to consider the following aspects: strength, this is mainly embodied in the color of aluminium window profile of the material, if he can withstand the ultrahigh pressure; The air tightness is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and Windows, whether the inner fan of doors and Windows is closely connected with the outer frame, and whether the balcony window is tight and tight; Water tightness, mainly check whether the color aluminum window has water, leakage phenomenon; Sound insulation, the main fact Yu Zhongkong sound insulation effect of glass and other special sound insulation article airtight structure as well as the opening and closing force, nylon guide wheel durability, insulating, stays open lock durability and other doors and Windows accessories durability.