Copper and aluminum door maintenance

- May 10, 2018-

Copper aluminum door is by European standards, carved panels and back with copper aluminum casting and become, by the uv radiation heat processing, near the door airtight article adopts advanced car equivalent materials, sealing good sound insulation performance. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust resistance and uv protection.

Because of the reason of material itself, it goes with bronze the biggest difference is that: simply don't have to worry about the surface after spray paint falls off, the inside of the exposed substrate, which contact with oxygen in the air oxidation reaction, effect the beauty of the door. Maintenance of copper aluminum door is most important if the surface of the stain of cleaning.

So how should the copper aluminum door be cleaned?

Copper and aluminum door belong to the high-grade product of the class, so also need meticulous care when use.

On the ordinary maintenance, with a neutral detergent (general market sale) into the water to make a 5% solution, with a soft cloth stained with the above solution, tianjin cleansing filth on the surface of the aluminum, again with clear water to wipe clean, wipe off water with soft dry cloth.