How to pick out and buy the frameless slide and turn windows and doors

- May 28, 2018-

If you want to buy and pick out the good quality of frameless system,the below comtents are important:

1, aluminum

First of all, it depends on whether the aluminum used is a high-strength aluminum alloy and whether the heavy-duty part can reach a thickness of 3mm. Now, many businesses on the market are trying to reduce costs and their thickness is not up to standard. There is no big difference on the surface, but over time, the problem is exposed, such as loosening, deformation, ah, there is a great security risk!

2, glass

See if glass has special toughened glass that has passed the national compulsory 3C safety certification. In addition, it depends on whether the 3C certification mark is tempered into the glass, so as to avoid the printing or pasting of the 3C mark.

3 rivets

Frameless balcony windows are mainly composed of glass and aluminum alloys, while glass and aluminum alloys are connected by rivets. Many merchants on the market today use aluminum rivets that are pulled by hand to pull the guns. Its beautiful appearance is certainly not to be said. Over time, wind and sun will loosen or fall off. The correct one should be connected with solid steel rivets that are pressure-reduced, which is both beautiful and safe, but it requires the introduction of related equipment, which many businesses are reluctant to invest. The

4, work and accessories

Frameless balcony window work is mainly to see whether the gap between the profile and accessories is compact, sliding is smooth, smoothly related to the lubricity of the wheel and the wheel's wear resistance is not good. Whether the sash is sliding or not, loud noise, and pushing and pulling are not good or bad. The

5, design, installation, sale

Frameless balcony windows have a high gold content in design, production and installation. Like some high and low terraces, the manufacturers' technology is not enough to deal with them; more importantly, the frameless balcony windows are products that need maintenance. , Manufacturers after-sale protection is particularly important.