How to pick up the balcony glazing

- Aug 02, 2018-

Pick up the high quality with balcony glazing plays important role in house holdings.The ways are as follows:

1, look at the appearance: good product everywhere the gap is compact, the glass between the high and low uniform gap uniform, the details are more savvy, the balcony glazing and the gap between the structure are sealed with high-quality sealing material, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, the sash glass is easy slip. Inferior products, the appearance gives people the impression is very rough, not the glass is uneven or the gap is uneven, the knot is relatively rough, the wall gap is simple to handle, the appearance is ugly, the waterproof is not good, the hand feel is not smooth.

2, look at the quality of materials and accessories: good aluminum surface is mostly sprayed with imported powder, the coating is fine and shiny; aluminum must pay attention to quality. Good tops are mostly high quality nylon products with good abrasion resistance and aging resistance. In order to achieve the goal of winning the market at a low price, some manufacturers use low-grade aluminum and inferior nylon or plastic parts processed by recycled aluminum, or reduce the thickness of aluminum, which will cause the use of frameless balcony glazing. If it is long, it will loosen, it will be difficult to push and pull, and even fall off. There is a big safety hazard. Be careful when choosing, don't pay for yourself to buy a time bomb.

3, to see whether the material has passed the national 3C mandatory safety certification: since the frameless balcony glazing does not have a middle frame, this requires high requirements for the glass, and requires the quality of the original piece to be in place, so as to ensure the indicators of the tempered glass. 

4. look at the manufacturer's technology is too hard: According to professionals, frameless balcony glazing have high requirements in design, production and installation. Unlike traditional framed windows, frameless glazing is suspended from the upper structure by expansion bolts. On the above, this requires that the size, quality, quantity and size of the expansion bolts used during installation must be constructed in strict accordance with the requirements. Otherwise, the safety may be caused by falling windows due to poor connection. And some arc-shaped or high-low-shaped shaped balconies, manufacturers technology is not enough, it is difficult to deal with in place.

5, look at whether the after-sales service is perfect and guaranteed: any product will inevitably have quality problems, and there is an after-sales service system, you can avoid your worries. Since there are no standard parts for frameless balcony glazing  materials and accessories, it is not universally applicable between manufacturers. Therefore, the insured after-sales service is a key factor that you must consider when selecting frameless windows.

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