How to pick up the frameless balcony accessories?

- Aug 28, 2018-

The frameless balcony accessories are purchased to see if the gap between the profile and the fitting is compact and smooth when sliding. Balcony windows with poor quality and design often have large noise when sliding the sash, and the hand feels not smooth.

Frameless balcony accessories purchase to see if you use safe solid pneumatic steel rivets. Some manufacturers use ordinary steel rivets to reduce costs, which will cause the frameless balcony window to loosen or even fall off after a long period of use.

Frameless balcony accessories to buy three to see whether the glass has passed the national 3c mandatory safety certification. Since the frameless balcony window does not have a middle frame, this is very demanding on the glass, and some manufacturers use ordinary tempered glass to reduce the cost, and the cost per square meter can be reduced by more than 40 yuan.

Frameless balcony accessories to buy four to see if the manufacturer's technology is excellent and after-sales is perfect and guaranteed. The frameless balcony window has a high gold content in the design, production and installation. Like some high and low balcony, the manufacturer's technology is not enough to handle it. More importantly, the frameless balcony window is a product to be maintained. , after-sales protection of manufacturers is particularly important.

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