Perfect design in slide and turn window and door.

- Aug 07, 2018-

Slide and turn window and door has many advantages.How perfect the design is!

1.Reasonable design

How high the slide and turn window and door can be, how thick the glass is, and how to arrange it more rationally requires professional technical support. It is best to have both an upper suspension and a lower support. Such products are generally relatively stable and avoid the existence of safety hazards.

2. Safe glass

The glass commonly used for slide and turn window and door is 6mm or 8mm thick. Some people think that 8mm glass is safer and suitable for high-rise wind pressure resistance. In fact, this mainly depends on the quality of the glass itself, and must use the products certified by the national 3C.

3. Quality profiles

Pay attention to the thickness of the rail profile and the structure of the rail beam. The quality of the aluminum material is thick, and the content of recycled aluminum is low, so that it is not easily deformed. And the rail beam joints should have stainless steel ribs, which is convenient for dispersing the impact force when moving the window.

4. Specification installation

Switching smoothly when using slide and turn window and door depends on the quality of the accessories and whether they are installed or not. Installers need to undergo rigorous training to get on the door

5. Regular maintenance

The connection and sealing between the slide and turn window and door are mainly done by plastic strips. After a long time, after the light, oxidation and other effects, the plastic strip will age, remember to change every two or three years.

Slide and turn window