Profile and accessories in terrace glazing

- Jun 27, 2018-

 The application in frameless windows:

      The main profiles used in frameless windows are also aluminum alloys. However, the glass used must be a safety tempered glass. The glass is broken into small particles with a flat angle, which is not easy to hurt. The frameless window technology is spread from Finland to China. It is also known as the "leisure window" because the design of the frameless window makes the whole room look fresh, bright, and spacious. Even at home can dare to fully enjoy the natural sunlight, frameless windows cater to the simple and stylish modern urban style. It is generally used to close the balcony, so people call it a frameless balcony window.

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      The frameless window and the aluminum alloy window have the same frame, but the profile of the frameless window is narrower and smaller.

    1) It abolished the vertical frame of the traditional window, so that the window sash can be neatly moved to one side, folded, so that the entire window is completely open, conducive to ventilation.

    2) The folding function of the frameless window also makes it easy to clean the front and back of the window, and opens it in a safer direction.

    3) The installation of frameless windows will not damage the appearance and style of the building, adding to the overall appearance of the balcony.

    Applicable people and scope

    For those who are pursuing the taste of the room, the unframed windows are undoubtedly the best choice. If installed on the balcony, they can be a glimpse of family viewing and leisure. Frameless balcony windows are best installed in large areas of the room, especially the area of the balcony, preferably in a large balcony above 1.5 meters wide, it is more suitable for poor lighting, poor ventilation effect of the housing