So many advantages in packaging the balcony with sliding folding windows.

- Nov 09, 2018-

1. Wide field of view, transparent and bright

The frameless window adopts a new packaging process. The glass, track and accessories are used to create a fully open transparent space. When opened, all the glass fans can be folded in turn, the line of sight is 100% barrier-free, and the ventilation and lighting effects are very good.

2. Security

Structurally speaking, generally framed windows are fixed in the beam by glass glue, and the frameless window is fixed on the beam with rivets, so it is even more stable than the framed window, and has stronger wind and pressure resistance.

3. Freedom

If you want to open it, you can open it. If you want to close it, it will be closed. When you open it, the open space will be close to nature. When it is closed, it will be enclosed in the windshield of the balcony. It can be easily closed when it is closed and open. It is very convenient to use.

4. Convenient

The frameless window is easy to fold and easier to clean.

5. Beautiful

Having said that, the key is actually - beautiful.

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