System features for Finzone05 balcony glazing system

- Nov 27, 2018-

System features for Finzone05 balcony glazing system

1. Popular system: Finzone05 balcony glazing system used for all kinds of balcony shape.

2. Strong profiles: The upper and lower track profiles of Finzone05 balcony glazing system are same and there is 3mm thickness.

3. Protection cap: Finzone05 balcony glazing system applies nylon protection cap on glass profiles to avoid hurting.

4. Rollers: Finzone05 balcony glazing system can choose bearing wheels or POM wheels.

5. Hinge axles: Finzone05 balcony glazing system uses SS304 for hinge axles so that can stand big weight, avoid the glass panes falling down.

6. Pane size: The max width of Finzone05 balcony glazing system is 700mm and the max height is 2200mm for each glass pane. 

7. Easy adjustment: F80800 of Finzone05 balcony glazing system is an eccentric, using the eccentric structural to adjust the dislocation of before and after between the glass pane.

8. Glass: Finzone05 balcony glazing system uses 6mm or 8mm or 10mm thickness tempered glass and 4+4 or 5+5 laminated glass.

9. Connection hardware: Finzone05 balcony glazing system uses SS304 to connect the track profiles to ensure the stablity of connection.