The difference of the opening windows and moving windows,which is better?

- Jun 01, 2018-

   Moving windows generally do not occupy indoor and outdoor space, open control of open areas, and ease of operation, but the disadvantage is that they can only open half of the window area, especially for windowsills. Open windows are suitable for larger areas of space. Generally divided into the internal flat open window, external flat open window in two ways, also divided into single fan, double fan two ways. Its advantages are: simple, safe, flexible, and easy to clean the outside of the window glass.

The external casement window is a traditional and simple opening method. The internal casement window can realize two functions of hanging up and open inside through the hardware linkage device, which can softly replace the indoor air. However, its disadvantage is that it occupies indoor and outdoor areas. If it is open-style, the window easily touches the child's head. As far as the shift from window to window is better than bad, it is not good to be generalized. Instead, it should be based on your actual needs