The factors that affect the life of Windows and doors

- May 10, 2018-

Middle-east push-pull window is normal use 40 years aging deformation, not only need to maintain the hardware can be, and inferior broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows are not pure aluminum alloy profiles, wall thickness can not meet the national regulation 1.4, will shorten the life of the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows,

First of all, the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile wall thickness: general home decoration products, doors and Windows factory most of the products of high rate of material is the wall thickness of the product to reduce cost, gb regulation: material thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.4 mm.

Second, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows insulation: insulation broken bridge aluminum is the most critical part, must use PA66 nylon, this is the standard provisions of the state, but the decoration on the market many manufacturers use cheap PVC plastic insulation, this will seriously affect the service life of the product.

Third, try to use the original factory original package broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows products, secondary spraying wear no products, and choose those who let customer profile color is mainly secondary spraying wear products, the quality of the products not the original packaging with original factory products. The exterior color of the bridge aluminum door and window should be green and white. The color is white or gray, indicating that the stability in the material is not enough, aging is easy to age and yellow.

In order to ensure that the service life of the bridge is not affected, the owner should attach importance to installation and use. When choosing door window product, can know the information of door window product in advance, find a formal door and window company, in order to ensure the quality of door window.