The finzone frameless system is one of the popular systems of balcony glazing

- Nov 27, 2018-

    The finzone frameless system is one of the most modern systems of balcony glazing in the European market. With this technology we would propose frameless balconies, in which once you've opened all the panes, you can enjoy a panoramic view with no obstructions.

    This key feature means that even if all the window panes are closed, there are no vertical struts to detract from a full panoramic view. The effect is one of a single sheet of glass, creating a glass wall. Since the panes can be moved around the corners of a balcony, the glass sheet effect can be gained even in the case of multi-cornered or bowed balconies. The window panes consist of a safe tempered glass and are made-to-measure specially for your balcony . Modern, practical and functional are the key qualities of this system.

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