The installation way of Finzone balcony glazing.

- Dec 03, 2018-

 1.the materials and accessories of finzone balcony glazing for frameless windows and doors should meet the enterprise standards. 

2. Aluminum alloys and accessories with damage and deformation shall not be assembled or installed on the wall. 

3. the installation of the upper and lower beams of the window must be firm. It is important to emphasize that the connection between the lower beam and the mounting base expansion screw must be solid and firm. 

4. the assembly gap of the adjacent components of the frame and the fan and the height difference of the same plane are required. 

5. The side window sash and the side of the frame should be sandwiched by the sealing strip so that the sash and the frame do not have a gap, and the sealing strip is evenly attached to the frame. The tolerance is ±2mm. 

6. the sash glass and the sash glass should be sealed with a sealing strip to make the sash between the sash and make the sash move and cushion. 

7. After the window is assembled, there should be no sagging, warping or distortion that hinders the opening and closing.

 8. The installation position of the window accessories is correct, complete and firm, and should play their respective roles. It has sufficient strength, and the growth is flexible and noise-free. The accessories that are subjected to repeated movements should be easily replaced in structure. 

9. The water hole is set in the lower frame of the window, the spacing is ≤600mm, not less than (2 places/each lower beam). 10. After assembly, ensure that the glass is riveted firmly to the upper and lower glass grooves, and that the rivets and glass are riveted.