Thermal insulation bridge aluminum window is the most advanced aluminium alloy window

- May 10, 2018-

1. More high-end

Thermal insulation bridge aluminum window is the most advanced aluminium alloy window, is a new type of thermal insulation doors and Windows, it is the window of the window of the steel window, railings and ordinary aluminum alloy Windows. Its surface can be painted in various colors to satisfy consumers' pursuit of colorful life.

2. Environmental protection and energy saving.

Thermal insulation bridge window, combined with environmental protection, steel window safety, plastic steel doors and Windows, thermal insulation and thermal insulation and thermal insulation two kinds of energy-saving thermal insulation materials. Energy conservation and heat preservation is also known as nylon, its main function is to heat transfer to prevent cold and heat transfer, so as to achieve heat preservation or indoor purpose. Its structure is more complex than ordinary aluminum doors and Windows, with high cost and good insulation performance.

3. Safety is safer.

Ordinary general at around 1.0 mm aluminium window wall thickness, and thermal bridge to break the wall thickness of the aluminium alloy window strictly follow national standards, (must be at least 1.4 mm wall thickness requirements, because the wall thickness and assembly technology and the window of a strong security, security!

Persuasive power security door and Windows 2016 new broken bridge window (easy to disassemble)

4. Higher technical requirements.

Common window is made up of about 1 mm can be connected with ordinary Angle, insulation broken bridge aluminum rivet window is composed of more than 1.4 mm or 1.4 mm wall thickness cut in 45 degree Angle, located in more than 3 mm plug-ins out of the window assembly equipment extrusion, its powerful safety degree increase greatly.

5. Use more durable.

Insulation broken bridge aluminum window is by aluminum factory specializing in the production cycle, the surface color treatment has a high professional and technical, service life is permanent, so as to determine the heat insulation broken bridge aluminum window production cycle is very long, but the use of the characteristics of stable.

Persuasive power security door and Windows 2016 new manual window break bridge.

6. Personalized design.

The atmosphere and daylighting of the broken bridge design pattern are fully connected. According to different space design and become, the window design of the bridge is broken, and the hardware of the special Middle East window fan is designed.

7. The bridge window has good insulation effect.

The broken bridge must be double-layer tempered glass insulating glass, so the sound insulation effect is good and the insulation effect is good.

Higher intensity.

The characteristics of high strength aluminum Windows are suitable for high-rise buildings, such as high-end residential quarters, luxurious villas, good anti-wind pressure and good thermal insulation performance.