To keep glass walls sturdy, builders may need to use frameless glass curtain walls.

- Sep 13, 2018-

    Retrofitting an existing home with a glass wall is a major project, and not just in terms of your energy expenses afterwards. Typically, this kind of renovation requires the advice of an architect. Since you’ll be significantly altering the building structure, you’ll need professional know-how to ensure, among other things, that your wall can bear the load from your roof and that it stays in line with energy and permitting codes in your area.

    To keep glass walls sturdy, builders may need to use frameless glass curtain walls, which are not known to have great insulation. Likewise, if the wall features multiple panels of glass, there's an increased chance for moisture infiltration and air leaks in the small gaps between the panes.

    For these reasons, it’s worth investigating your alternatives before you jump on board the curtain wall glass.

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