What is the principle of the insulated bridge window

- May 10, 2018-

When buying a bridge window, everyone knows its advantages: thermal insulation, impact resistance. But few people understand the principle of the bridge window, the small make up today free to everybody popular science, pass by don't miss oh.

The principle of insulation bridge window is very simple, its main profile is actually aluminum alloy. However, even if the aluminum alloy is a good thermal insulation performance of metal, the thermal conductivity of the metal itself is very good. In this situation, we want to save energy to keep the heat insulation, and the bridge window is born.

Broken bridge window is on the basis of the original aluminum alloy doors and Windows, plus a heat insulation between two pieces of aluminum alloy, slow to make the heat transfer between them, to avoid the rapid loss of heat. The insulation in the middle is the equivalent of a "bridge" that disconnects the aluminium profile, and the name comes from this.

This cross-generational change has changed the way people think about aluminum alloy doors and Windows, which can be used in more families. Besides heat insulation heat preservation, the broken bridge window also has high strength, good fireproof, long service life characteristics, but also among the high-grade aluminum alloy doors and Windows in recent years, has become the high-end villa construction preferred products.