Why choose the balcony glazing system?

- May 24, 2018-

    Balcony glazing system protects your balcony against rain, wind and dust. Balcony glazing system saves you heating costs and helps diminish the street noise.  Balcony glazing system has no vertical profiles and opens fully, so it doesn’t change the outward look of your house.  balcony glazing system offered by us makes balconies useful for a much larger part of the year and increase their level of comfort, even giving the balconies a markedly more exclusive look. In short , balcony glazing system makes balconies more beautiful and more functional.

    In sunny weather,  balcony glazing system is easy to open completely or partly. In rainy and windy weather Finzone09 balcony glazing system is easily closed.  Balcony glazing system protects balcony furniture and decreases the maintenance need of the balcony. Thanks to the horizontal running gears ,balcony glazing system can be installed on balconies of any shape, both round and angular. The glass elements slide lightly over angles with different degrees.