Why is the price of copper and aluminium door high all the time

- May 10, 2018-

The copper and aluminum door has been conquering the consumer with its elegant and luxurious temperament, which seems to be a kind of refusal. Copper and aluminum door since the emergence of more diligent research and development of new products. The color is more and more rich, the quality is superior, the price is more and more affordable. Copper aluminum door is mostly used in high-end residential area so people think it is a luxury, but consider the cost of a copper aluminum door can understand its price, as a kind of non-renewable resources is a copper aluminum price is on the high side of the main door is also the most direct cause.

The price of copper and aluminium is not healthy. Resource constraints have kept the cost of copper and aluminum doors high, so producers have begun to update the copper and aluminum doors in a way that will not be too expensive.

Copper and aluminum door is undoubtedly a new industry, she is more durable than aluminum doors and has a taste of copper doors. He is now taking over the mainstream market. Copper and aluminum doors are luxurious but not extravagant. Demand for copper-aluminum doors is growing. Effect of copper aluminum door of guard against theft is also very significant, so as the domestic market for housing area, housing privatization and the increase of foreign investment demand, increase income security door products market. Industry experts predict that demand for Chinese security doors will grow at an annual rate of 11 percent, reaching 195 billion yuan in 2011. This is a very good opportunity for copper and aluminum doors and also a must-hold market. Our company will try our best to serve the customers.

Copper aluminum door is the new product after bronze, bronze plating, his main manufacturing process is on the surface of aluminum door copper plating, we know that the stability of the copper is very good, it is in play a protective role after oxidation, the oxidation of copper that is not unlimited, eventually become like iron powder, it is a lifelong benefit of that kind of oxide. Therefore, the biggest advantage of copper and aluminum door is its oxidation resistance, which can maximize the use of the door.

Of course, in addition to the advantages of copper and aluminum doors, we have to talk about its unique style. Now, copper and aluminum doors have various colors and different styles give different visual experience. European style also has Chinese style, completely people's aesthetic standards to research and development. I hope to satisfy the customer's demand to the utmost.