Why should the balcony glazing system be made of tempered glass?

- Aug 15, 2018-

   The main profile used in the balcony glazing window is also aluminum alloy, but the balcony glazing glass used must be safety tempered glass. After the glass is broken, it is flat and small granular, which is not easy to injure. The technology of balcony glazing is transmitted from Finland to China. It is also known as the “leisure window” because the design of the balcony glazing makes the whole room look fresh, bright and transparent. Even if you dare to fully enjoy the sunshine of nature at home, the balcony glazing caters to the simple and modern urban style. It is generally used to close the balcony.

    The balcony glazing is the same as the frame used for the aluminum alloy window, except that the profile of the balcony glazing is made smaller and smaller.

1) It abolishes the vertical frame of the traditional window, allowing the sash to move neatly to one side, in a folded shape, so that the entire window is completely open, which is conducive to ventilation.

2) The folding function of the balcony glazing also makes it easy to clean the front and back of the window, and it is safer to open in the direction.

3) Installation of balcony glazings will not damage the appearance and style of the building, adding a lot to the overall aesthetics of the balcony.

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