A Window - An Eye Of The Architecture.

- Apr 10, 2019-

A window is an eye of the architecture.


Shanghai Finzone Windows & Doors Co.,Ltd  is specialized in design and production of aluminium alloy door&window,constantly develop re- search in this field,we'll do our best to provide good quality&economical and practical products to every customer.

A window is not only a transparent opening in the wall that allows the passage of light and air, but also an eye of the architecture. It brings our lives many conveniences by keeping noise, ins- ects, wind and rains out of the building, as well as keeping the building warm and doing thermal insulation. The frames on the window shape the wind, the rains and the world outside. They also shape the vision and the space of mind of the people living in the house.

We always consist on the principle of the Credit first,quality first, profession first,service first.and continuously improve our professional and the competition in prefab house and aluminium alloy door&window field.According to the actual needs and customer region climate, sunlight, energy and other characteristics of customers, we will provide customer the most practical  aluminium alloy door&window,We would offer the best service to the all customers of giving us the trust and support.

Customers obtain professional producers and practical products and we obtain a good opptunity to develop with our good cooperation.