Balcony Glazing Can Be Realized With Frameless System .

- Aug 23, 2018-

     Balcony glazing brings immediate savings no mater if its oriantation is south or north. Balcony glazing can be realized with frameless system . Aluminium profile is rust resistent and it is sprayed by powdered colour RAL . Wings move quietly thanks to ball bearings and there is a perfect noise barier thanks to special sealing between panes of glass. This kind of glazing does not resonate- even by the window gusts. Groove draining in aluminium profile is perfectly adjuste to rain water outflow.

    Thanks to special profiles and high quality sealing, there is a prefect sealing beatween wings. There is also permanent water infiltration by bottom and top airholes. The usage of balcony glazing  is for all dimensions and construction systems.

    balcony glazing