Balcony Glazing System Is Better Than Frame Window.

- Aug 15, 2018-

1.Finzone company for frameless window abolishes the vertical frame with traditional framed windows, allowing the window sash to be neatly moved to one side and folded, making the entire balcony completely open for ventilation.

2.The installation of frameless windows does not destroy the appearance and style of the building, adding a lot to the overall aesthetics of the balcony.

3.The folding function of the frameless window also makes it easy to clean the front and back of the window, and it is safer to open in the direction.

4.The frameless window opens inward, the structure is stable, and the use is safer.

5.In recent years, Jingrui's frameless window has attracted the attention of many consumers because of its simple and fashionable, bright and transparent advantages. From the market reflection and user usage, the quality of the frameless window is More and more confidence.

frameless window