Discover An Entirely New Way Of Looking At The World With The State-of-the-art Finzone

- Apr 25, 2019-


Discover an entirely new way of looking at the world with the state-of-the-art Finzone  Glass doors and windows. Finzone  is a China  custom built glass enclosure system for balconies or lanais, which can include premier retractable screen systems. Finzone  frameless glass doors and windows are unique in their elegant simplicity and minimal appearance that leaves beautiful ocean front views pristine and uninterrupted.

Its simple concept involves glass panels without vertical frames set in a single track providing a truly unobstructed view without the weather coming in. Each individual independent glass panel slides, as a sliding glass door, effortlessly in either direction along a top and bottom track following virtually any configuration, folding open to stack against a wall for complete ventilation, open space, and ease of cleaning. When the glass enclosure system is closed it still feels as though the space is completely open to the outside since there are no vertical frames.

The Finzone  sliding glass door and window system, glass enclosure system, is a patented glazing system developed in China  in 2008, installed throughout Europe, Lebanon, United States , Iceland, Australia, and was recently introduced in the South   Africa  . The system is CE  rated for structural performance, water penetration, and air leakage as a primary enclosure system.