Frameless Balcony Glazing System Can Be Opened Fully

- Apr 29, 2019-

        Features of frameless glazing

Balcony glazing system can be opened fully, therefore glass sections are possible to be pulled off at any time and you can enjoy your open balcony.
Glass sections are opened inside the balcony.
Frameless glazing can be fitted according to your own needs: solid glass sections over the entire balcony height (up to 3m), up to the balcony handrails or up to any other dimension.
6-8 mm tempered glass is used for glazing (but we can also suggest choosing between 10 or 12 mm thick glass)
Frameless glazing is the most permeable to sunlight.
It is possible to use tinted, matted or figured glass.
This system can be used for glazing balconies, terraces, porches as well as to be used inside the premises, for creation of modern, light partitions.
Using frameless glazing exceptional architecture of a building is created, which provide modernity to your accommodation. Nevertheless, this system is the least hermetic.