Frameless Windows Have Many Benefits.

- Dec 03, 2018-

    The balcony is a landscape place where the family is casual, windy, windy and rain-proof. There is no vertical position between the glass, it can be fully opened, and the scrubbing is convenient. It is the big advantage of the frameless window, so the frameless balcony window is still in the south. Northern cities are the best choice for balcony packaging.

    The frameless balcony window is made of tempered glass. The tempered glass is commonly known as tempered glass. The tempered glass that has been certified by the national 3C is 5-6 times of the strength of ordinary glass, that is, the tempered glass is not easily broken when the front of the shovel is used. Moreover, once the tempered glass is broken, it will make a loud noise, which is no different from the alarm, and the anti-theft effect is very good.

    In addition, the frameless balcony window is equipped with upper and lower security locks in the room. If the thief does not break the glass, it cannot enter the room through the frameless window. For those with anti-theft awareness, the frameless balcony window is your best choice.

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