Sliding Folding Glass Door Create A New Concept For Balcony Packaging

- Aug 27, 2018-

Sliding folding glass door create a new concept for balcony packaging. The sashes can all be opened and moved to the wall to show the original appearance of the balcony. When the sash is closed, the outdoor view is unobstructed. Sliding folding glass door: The sash is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8mm and 10mm. The upper and lower sides are glass clamps, which can be fully opened and the line of sight is wide. The Sliding folding glass door has poor sealing and is not suitable for use on the balcony of the wooden floor.

The so-called sliding folding glass door still has a border, a relatively narrow aluminum alloy frame, and does not pay attention to the feeling that there is no frame.

The tempered glass with a thickness of 8mm and 10mm is equipped with pulleys, handles and locks. Secured to the track slot.

1. Swell on the hole and fix the window frame.

2. Customized tempered glass.

3. Install tempered glass and its hardware.

Sliding folding glass door