The Choice Of Frameless Balcony Window.

- Aug 20, 2018-

     The choice of frameless balcony window should be as follows: the wall thickness of the aluminum main beam and the material description are very important. See if the aluminum used is a high-strength aluminum alloy. Can the heavy weight reach 3mm thickness? On the upper beam, whether the fit between the profile and the fitting is tight, whether it is smooth when moving. The balcony window with poor quality and design often has a large noise when the window sash moves, and the hand feel is not smooth. The time will be loose and deformed. There is a big safety hazard! When the glass is purchased, look at the glass for special tempered glass that has been certified by the mandatory 3c safety.

      In addition, it depends on whether the 3c certification mark is tempered into the glass to avoid the 3c mark printed or pasted. The rivet frameless balcony window is mainly composed of glass and aluminum alloy, while the glass and aluminum alloy are connected by rivets. Many merchants on the market use ordinary steel rivets to reduce the cost, which will cause the frameless balcony to be used for a long time. Loose or even fall off, leaving a safety hazard! Workmanship and accessories frameless balcony window work mainly depends on whether the gap between the profile and the fitting is compact, whether it is sliding Smooth and smooth.

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