The Frameless Window Balcony Not Only Retains The Advantages Of A Closed Balcony, But Also Gives People An Aesthetic Experience Of An Open Balcony,

- Oct 25, 2018-

    Compared with framed glass, frameless glass is more in line with modern people's advocating freedom, not constrained personality, and more transparent in visual effects.

    When the sashes are all opened and moved to the wall, they show the original appearance of the balcony; when the sash is closed, the outdoor scenery can also be unreservedly included in the fundus.

Essential barrier + tempered glass design.

    If you have a fear of heights or worry about safety, it is not bad to add a layer of invisible protection.

    The frameless window balcony not only retains the advantages of a closed balcony, but also gives people an aesthetic experience of an open balcony, with a wide view and a view of the future.

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