The Glass Development Plays Great Role To Balcony Glazing

- Aug 02, 2018-

   As one of the building materials futures varieties, glass futures has been running smoothly for five years, and the market participation structure has continued to improve. Futures tools have played an active role in helping enterprises with risk management and price management. Zhengshang Institute will continue to improve the rules and regulations of listed futures contracts, continuously enrich the variety of industrial chains, and strive to meet market risk management needs. In 2017, the Institute perfected the relevant system of glass futures, including introducing a series of adjustments such as weighing in the delivery, shortening the validity period of the warehouse receipts, and introducing the trader's factory warehouse, so that the glass futures can be closer to the industrial needs and better satisfied. Investor demand reduces the participation cost of the entity, which helps to further improve the price correlation of the glass futures period and better serve the entity.

      The glass development plays great role to balcony glazing

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