The Production Process Of Aluminum Alloy Door Is Simple

- May 10, 2018-

The production technology of aluminium alloy door is relatively simple, many small manufacturer can produce, but the high and low of quality is in making craft is fine." The aluminium alloy door expert introduces, the high and low of welding technology reflects the quality of aluminium alloy door. High quality aluminum alloy door, processing fine, welding exquisite, especially some splicing parts are very flat. And inferior aluminium alloy door window, blind choose aluminium profile series and specification, processing is shoddy, the position such as door frame turns Angle cannot be stitching flat, sometimes even appear big aperture.

When consumers choose, special attention should be paid to the inspection of welding defects, such as welding, leakage welding and other phenomena. Also see the door fan and door frame close whether dense, the gap is uniform, open whether flexible.

Remind: consumers check after welding of aluminium alloy door, carefully check whether product surface is bright color, texture clear, pay attention to brush paint cannot have obvious defects such as scratch, bubble.