The Revolution Of Frameless Windows And Doors

- Jun 01, 2018-

      As a new concept of closed balconies, frameless balconies can be described as a revolution in doors and windows. For thousands of years, wooden windows, steel windows, aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows have all changed in material, and frameless balconies and windows Not only has made major changes in appearance, but also a major structural change, but with the use of people, but also gradually found that many customers have shown their love of simple and practical traditional windows, I hope the frameless balcony window not only has its Its own advantages, but also has the characteristics of traditional windows. As a result, the technical staff of the Fengjing balcony worked hard to change ideas, adjust the design direction, combined the framed windows and frameless balcony windows organically, and took their strengths to successfully develop new frameless windows. -- Push-pull frameless windows, soon after they were introduced, they were welcomed by customers in Xiamen, Beijing, Tianjin, Quanzhou and Longyan.

     The new frameless window adopts the characteristics of the left and right sliding window, placing the weight of the window sash on the lower beam, making it easier for people to grasp the balance of the window sash. It is more lightweight and easy to use. It is simple and convenient. It is convenient for both the elderly and the children; the new frameless window handle The sashes are all placed in the upper and lower tracks, and they are also more secure and reliable. They completely get rid of people's concerns about the safety of the unframed balcony windows, allowing people to really appreciate the elegance of frameless windows, and they also mark the pragmatic and stylish appearance of frameless windows. In the new era, we also have reason to believe that no frame window will always be the new darling of people's doors and windows in the new century. At the same time, the developers of Fengjing Balcony insist on people-oriented, relying on scientific and technological forces, will make frameless windows more perfect to meet customers the love of the window and frame!