The Rule Of Maintenance Of Bridge Window

- May 10, 2018-

1, to the glass, the box body, the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, doors and Windows aluminum BaoMu part of fan to clean, can use soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent, do not use plain soap and detergent, more can't use such as household cleanser, essence of wash lavatory strong acid and alkali cleaner, it will surface corrosion section, to ensure that no scratches in areas such as the glass, the box body.

2, every three months to casement groove and slide rail junction parts for qing buried, prevent the dust and sand on the normal use of hardware to build up the good effect, can use soft wool or a vacuum cleaner to clean up.

3. When cleaning aluminum doors and Windows, do not step on the aluminum frame or hold the frame to support it. It is easy to wear out doors or Windows or have an accident.

4. Check the hardware on the corner of the window of the bridge and the corner of the wooden door window of the aluminum box every three months, and tighten the bolts in time to replace the damaged parts. Position shaft pin, wind support, ground spring and other alloy doors and Windows vulnerable parts, should be checked regularly, regular lubricating oil to keep clean, flexible. The sealing strips and glass glue are the key structures to ensure the insulation of aluminum doors and Windows.

5, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, such as rust due to oxidation, use a knife to aluminum will rust away gently, then wash clean with soap, use dry cloth to wipe dry, after playing on wax with dry cloth to polish again, more can be like glossily new. Every six months can use jian lubricating oil on the metal parts such as rotation, sliding and locking point drip lubrication oil after repeated opening and closing a 3 5 times, ensure lubricating thoroughly, can increase the flexibility of the hardware rotating mechanism and service life.

6. Aluminum doors and Windows are in use. If you find it difficult to push hard, you should eliminate the trouble first. Ash, deformation is the main reason that aluminum alloy doors and Windows push pull difficult, want to keep door frame clean, especially the cleanness of push-pull groove. Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the ash from the slot and door seal.