What Can You Use Finzone Frameless Glazing For?

- May 07, 2019-

What can you use Finzone Frameless Glazing for?

Finzone Frameless glazing is most frequently used to offer unobstructed views of the home’s surroundings. As one architect put it, the idea is that the frame does not get in the way of the views so the occupants can live as part of the landscape rather than locked away in a house with small windows and entirely cocooned from the world outside.

Therefore this style demands as few glazing bars as possible and fixings are kept to a minimum to preserve the integrity of the view. Today many self builders like to use variants of this technique because it is a good means of allowing optimum light into a house.

Other uses inside the home include frameless glass shower panels, glazed balustrades on balconies and stairwells, and frameless doors. Whatever its application, frameless glass has to be strong enough to hold its own as a wall, door or screen and be safe from fracture.