What Is The Frameless Balcony?

- Jul 30, 2018-

   The frameless balcony is made of high-preservation tempered glass, and the corresponding hardware fittings are combined with large-section aluminum alloy. The plan is to make each window move both left and right, and it can be placed 90° and placed on a balcony. The window can be fully opened according to the user's needs, and can be fully closed, which fully retains the characteristics and functions of the balcony. It can effectively block the wind and rain, block the dust and noise, and the reasonable structure can make the window open inward. It is not necessary to pry the body out to clean the window. The cleaning is very safe and simple. Because there is no vertical window frame, the view is unobstructed when the window is closed, and the maximum limit is penetrated into the light, which is close to the natural, making the balcony into a leisurely sunny room.


frameless balcony window