Why Choose Finzone Terrace Glazing System?

- Nov 27, 2018-

Why choose finzone terrace glazing system?

     1. A glazed balcony is the second living room of your home. 

Balcony glazing system provides additional space for your home, adding a place to rest. Balcony glazing system protects the balcony from wind, rain and snow, so the balcony remains a clean and pleasant place for spending time. Balcony glazing system also keeps away the noise, for example the street noise is reduced by up to half. A glazed balcony gets a new life.

     2. Easy to use, safe and sturdy.

Balcony glazing system is a system with sliding glass panes having no vertical profiles; balcony glazing system suits well for both new and old and renovated buildings.

     3. Easy to fully open and close, wash and maintain. 

The panes of balcony glazing system move in a single plane. When opening and closing the panes, they move between the top and bottom sliding guide. The glass panes of balcony glazing system are opened one by one by sliding them to the side wall of the balcony, so that the entire glazing is opened. This allows easy washing of the outside of the glass panes as well.

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