Why Need Sliding Folding Doors?

- Aug 14, 2018-

    Why need sliding folding glass doors? Beacuse the sliding folding glass doors are sustainable, provide significant energy cost savings, allow natural light throughout the building, create a feeling of openness, and utilize the space more efficiently than swinging doors. Because of the open area that allows natural light, conventional lighting can be minimized for energy saving purposes.

 Recently we have had a new design folding sliding glass door finzone30.It has many virtues as follows:

 Sliding folding glass door Finzone30 is 850mm * 3000mm for each glass panel.

 Sliding folding glass door Finzone30 has some special design parts to avoid the glass panels falling down when they open.

 Sliding folding glass door Finzone30 can move smoothly even the glass panel moves through the opening hole and the rollers dont jump.

 Sliding folding glass door Finzone30 can stack 9 glass panels at one side.

 sliding folding glass door