Why Should We Close The Balcony?

- Nov 14, 2018-

     The balcony is the most intimate part of the living room and the outside world. It bears the functions of leisure, sports and cool drying. The living room is large enough, and the location of the house is very good. It is very quiet and should not be closed in principle. However, at present, domestic housing is designed with less consideration for the installation location of the laundry room and central hot water supply equipment, and limited by economic conditions, the housing of most residents in China is still compact. In addition to the above functions, the balcony is often used for placing washing machines, large-capacity volumetric water heaters, sinks, and the like. These devices and accessories are designed for indoor use. Long-term exposure to the air, especially in air containing acidic contaminants, will greatly shorten its life. In addition, China's north-south span is very large. In some areas, winter heating and summer cooling are relatively old. After sealing the balcony, the loss of cold and hot air must be blocked by the doors and windows and balcony doors and windows, which will greatly improve heating or cooling. efficacy. In this case, it is very meaningful to close the balcony.

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