Sliding Glass System Frameless Aluminium Casement Windows On Sales

Sliding Glass System Frameless Aluminium Casement Windows On Sales

Finzone20 sliding glass system Finzone20 sliding glass system is generated by taking into account different expectations our customers; so Finzone20 sliding glass system becoming one of the most demandable system among all our product range.Finzone20 sliding glass system is quite functional...
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Product Details

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Product Details


Sliding system:

Finzone2enables individual parallel sliding panels to be moved horizontally to one or both sides.

Moving together:

On opening or closing the first sliding panel the other sliding panels are automatically opened or closed by integrated catchers.


The floor-mounted construction ensures wide openings can be achieved without additional ceiling supports.

Running smoothly:

Individual sliding panels run smoothly and effortlessly due to low ball-bearing mounted carriages.

Two parts wheel:

Except lower wheels, Finzone20 has upper wheels too.

Big glass panels:

The max width of Finzone20 is 850mm and the max height is 3000mm for each glass panel.

Opening more space:

Finzone20 has four tracks and open reach ¾, it makes you more space.



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Company introduction


Finzone is professional in the terrace glazing system over the last 11 years. As the manufacturer and exporter of frameless balcony glazing system, we have many clients in more than 30 countries around the world, especially in Europe such as Finland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, etc. We can provide material to wholesale customers and also assembled products to retail and project customers. We have more than 5 different systems can meet different demands on balcony, terrace, patio, sunroom, even partition wall. 



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Customers's Feedback

_10We have both wholesale customers and retail customers. We will offer raw material and assembled products to customers with different demands and we will provide all the assembly and installation manuals to help customers finish the assembly and installation. From manufacturing to installation, our service will always be with you.


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