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Finzone50sliding folding windows Finzone50 sliding folding windows can freely slide to the left or right to open for ventilation or cleaning purpose. Total or partial balcony enclosure or opening is achieved. The characteristics of Finzone50 sliding folding windows makes the cleaning of the...
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Finzone50sliding folding windows

Finzone50 sliding folding windows can freely slide to the left or right to open for ventilation or cleaning purpose. Total or partial balcony enclosure or opening is achieved. The characteristics of Finzone50 sliding folding windows makes the cleaning of the windows to be very easy, you can clean the reverse and facade with every glass pane. 

product detail for Finzone50sliding folding windows


sliding folding windows

Place of Origin

Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number



Aluminum Alloy




Tempered glass or laminated tempered glass






Ball bearing wheel


PC sealing

Thickness of track profile



Convenient to clean the window in and out


No aluminum frame between glasses


RAL / Anodised /Electrophoresis

Product Description

System features for Finzone50sliding folding windows

1. Slide and turn system: Finzone50sliding folding windows is  a new slide and turn system with framed.

2. Opening way: Finzone50sliding folding windows enables individual parallel sliding panels to be moved horizontally to one or both sides.

3. Glass: Finzone50sliding folding windows can use 5+9A+5 double tempered glass or 8mm tempered glass.

4. Rollers: Finzone50sliding folding windows uses big bearing wheels and slide smoothly.

5. Special side design: Finzone50 sliding folding windows has special side profile with a turning lock that can make no gap between the glass panels.

6. Glass panels: The max width of Finzone50sliding folding windows is 650mm and the max height is 2000mm for each glass panel.

7. Better sealing: Low-noise, low-wear, heat and cold resistant running surfaces.

Reduces noise for Finzone50sliding folding windows

In a closed position, Finzone50 sliding folding windows with standard gaskets provides noise reduction by more than 10 dB, i.e. effectively halving the street noise. In the room behind the balcony, the noise is reduced by about 25…26 dB.

Finzone50 sliding folding windows saves energy

Finzone50 sliding folding windows keeps warm in winter and protects from cold.

Research shows that glazing the balconies of an apartment building with Finzone50sliding folding windows can achieve an average of 5.9% energy savings.

Why choose sliding folding windows

1. A glazed balcony is the second living room of your home.

Balcony glazing system provides additional space for your home, adding a place to rest. sliding folding windows protects the balcony from wind, rain and snow, so the balcony remains a clean and pleasant place for spending time. sliding folding windows also keeps away the noise, for example the street noise is reduced by up to half. A glazed balcony gets a new life.

2. Easy to use, safe and sturdy.

Balcony glazing system is a system with sliding glass panes; sliding folding windows suits well for both new and old and renovated buildings.

3. Easy to fully open and close, wash and maintain.

The panes of sliding folding windows move in a single plane. When opening and closing the panes, they move between the top and bottom sliding guide. The glass panes of sliding folding windows are opened one by one by sliding them to the side wall of the balcony, so that the entire glazing is opened. This allows easy washing of the outside of the glass panes as well.

Why choose Finzone50sliding folding windows

Finzone50 sliding folding windows is outcome of long-term product development and decades-long user experience. Thanks to more than one million satisfied customers from over 40 countries, Finzone50 has become one of the most popular sliding folding window worldwide. Uncompromising quality and continuous product development have really paid off.Finzone50 sliding folding windows is characterized by elegant design, durability and user-friendliness.

How to use Finzone50sliding folding windows  


1. Start opening the sliding folding windows from the edge that has the top lock cord.

2. Create an access gap of approximately 5 mm between the first and second panes of sliding folding windows by pushing the sliding windows in opposite directions.

3. Slide the lower lock in the direction of the arrow, until it is in line with the gap.

4. Pull gently on the cord to undo the top lock and open the pane.


5. Slide the next pane of sliding folding windows until it is close to the first open pane.

6. Place your hand on the edge of the pane, about halfway up.

7. Push the pane of sliding folding windows so that it is next to the open pane.

8. Hold the edge of the pane while opening.


1. Turn the desired number of panes of sliding folding windows open against the side wall.

2. Place the holder of the cord lock around the lower wheel.


Where to use  

Finzone50sliding folding windows can use for the balcony/winter garden/coffer shop etc.img24981.JPG




Packing and shipping

Our packing forsliding folding windows


Our shipping forsliding folding windows


Our service for sliding folding windows

Ø  Professional technical training and guidance for sliding folding windows at site according to the contract;

Ø  Supply accessories of sliding folding windows at any time;

Ø  Tele-technical consulting and services for sliding folding windows;

Our showroom for sliding folding windows:





Our certificates forsliding folding windows:


Customers coming for Finzone50 framesliding folding windows






1. Do you attend some Exhibitions for sliding folding windows?

Yes, we attend many kinds of Exhibitions, example for Mosbuild in Russia, Bitimat in France…… We will send you our stand for the fair.

2. Can you send me samples?

Of course we can send you samples. You can choose do you want to a free sample of sliding folding windows (20cm length profiles with rollers, it can show you the quality) or a mobile sliding folding windows sample (installed with 2 or 3 glass panes that can show you how to work).

For the free sample, you can let your express company to get it from my company, or you can pay the freight cost 50-100USD and I can express for you.

For the mobile sample, the cost is 400USD and the freight cost will be 400-500USD by air (40kg for 2 glass panes or 50kg for 3 glass panes including wooden case).

3. Which level of quality is sliding folding windows?

We have got CE, ISO, GOST, PSB-TUV certificate so far.

4. What is the delivery time of sliding folding windows?

In general, the delivery time of sliding folding windows is about 25-45 days, customized sliding folding windows will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.

5. Can sliding folding windows be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?

Surely sliding folding windows can be customized as your needs. Put on your logo is also available based on quantity. 

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